Wooden Shop Display Cabinet

Wooden Shop display Cabinet that we made this time is for linen stores, for example, towels, clothes after bathing, pillowcases, and more.

Made of Laminate rubberwood combined with iron where the iron is painted white so that the contrast becomes very suitable. Because in Bali many use wood as the basic material of Furniture. Because Bali is very famous for its beautiful and natural nature.

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Wooden Shop Display Cabinet in the picture above is used for stores that sell towels, spray, or anything made from linen.

The materials used are: Laminate rubberwood combined with iron so that the linen fabric with wood can be connected harmoniously. the white color of linen with wood color is really cool, coupled with iron with white paint, so it fits perfectly.

The feel of bali with a very beautiful lama, surrounded by beaches, makes so much Bali Furniture that uses natural materials, such as rattan, wicker, and wood. Iron ingredients as a sweetener and order, or additional only.

If you need a Wooden Shop Display Cabinet as used in this linen store, then we are ready to provide it for you. With custom Furniture you can almost make any furniture, according to the existing space, and design, even we will help design it, and suggest the best material for you. Chat us now.

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