Drawers For Accessories

Good house, certainly have cabinets, drawers, for organizing items, let alone small items such as accessories, needed Drawers for Accessories

There is a choice of materials to be used, and the one that is widely used is wooden. Whether teak or sungkai, with the outside teak veneer or sungkaiveneer, so that the furniture looks patterned according to the basic material, looks luxurious and jewelry, watches, ties, or any accessories that you put there more secure and neat if you want to reuse it.

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You need Drawers for Accessories if you want your home or room to be better organized. Put accessories in boxes in drawers like the one in the picture above… made of plywood with teakveneer at the top, or sungkaiveneer, depending on the client’s choice in the end.

We only suggest good choices, and then you are free to determine the basic materials, and finishing desired so that the look finally becomes luxurious and elegant. With Wood, your home looks natural and environmentally friendly, wood is also durable and easy to maintain.

Wood can also be inexpensive, depending on what Wood is used. Finishing is also easy because it does not use paint or complicated finishing.

Jewelry or accessories can be stored safely and neatly by using Drawers for Accessories made of wood and looks luxurious, and really classy. Yes, we make a wide range of custom Furniture from wood, and metal, with various finishes that make your home, looks elegant.

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