Wooden Massage Bed For Tropical Hotel And Spa

Wooden massage Bed is sturdy, which will make your body become relaxed, comfortable, and calm, obviously made of solid wood, with quality foam.

Used in the spa of a star hotel in Gili Trawangan. People can stay overnight, all day go on vacation, and return home they are ready to be pampered with a traditional massage that is very relaxed and comfortable. The next day they can refresh. 🙂

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Wooden Massage Bed in the picture above is for the spa of a three-star hotel in Gili Trawangan, Lombok. Lombok is an island adjacent to the famous island of Bali. This bed is produced by us as a company that produces Bali furniture and is located in Denpasar.

As a tourist vacation area, Lombok continues to improve, is increasingly known, and has a beauty that is not less than Bali.

Because many have beautiful beaches, and delicious food, the hotels there also provide massage facilities, so they can treat fatigue after a day of traveling. The Spa at the hotel provides a classy, Balinese, or Javanese massage, performed by an experienced spa therapist.

Wooden Massage Bed or often also called “Massage table”, because it looks like a table with four legs, made of solid wood, and the best foam, so it can be durable and stay comfortable, does not absorb sweat, and looks natural.

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For those of you who need and have plans to produce or buy wooden massage beds or other furniture, please contact us directly.

Our team will be happy to help and serve you for all your furniture needs. Whether it’s for a private house, villa, spa, hotel, cafe or restaurant.


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