Daniel Tanoni

Founder of BALI BEST BUY

Daniel Tanoni Fourder Bali Best Buy Funiture

Daniel Tanoni is the founder of BALI BEST BUY. A company engaged in the field of custom furniture.

He founded this company since 2005 and under his management Bali Best Buy Furniture already has hundreds of customers, thousands of completed projects.

Not only for the local market in Bali, Indonesia, but also for the world market.

Daniel Tanoni, the man born in Kupang (60), initially moved to Bali in 2001 and started everything from ZERO. Armed with determination and effort as well as an unyielding will, he finally succeeded in establishing the BALI BEST BUY company in 2005.

Bali Best Buy is a furniture company that produces various shapes and designs based on customize.

Every customer who comes, they bring their design idea and by Mr. Daniel Tanoni and their design team will realize the design idea from the customer earlier. Until finally it became a quality and best Bali Furniture product in design.

Daniel Tanoni

Currently, Mr. Daniel Tanoni’s busy schedule is in addition to serving the customers of Bali Best Buy Furniture, most of whom are guests who come from all over the world.

Such as from India, Australia, France, Sweden, UK and many others.

Apart from being busy in business, he is also active in a youth community, where he is also involved in continuing to develop the character of young people so that they become qualified and successful individuals in life.

Daniel Tanoni at Villa Alpha Gesing
Interviewed With Daniel Tanoni at Villa Alpha Gesing
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