Indonesian Furniture

The best Indonesian furniture with quality design and export standard production. For entering local and international markets based on custom furniture.

Compete in the Global Market
Indonesian Furniture

Yes! Products from Indonesian furniture can compete in the global market.

Indonesia has many works that can actually be said to be of very high quality. It can even compete in the global market. One of them is furniture.

The Indonesian furniture industry is one of the production sectors that uses labor intensive. And this is a very potential business for now and in the future.

Likewise, in the global market, the Indonesian furniture has actually been judged to be able to compete. This is due to the innovation and creativity of workers in this sector.

Indonesia Furniture

There is Growth in
Export Value

The HIMKI (Indonesian Furniture and Handicraft Industry Association) has noted that export value growth since 2021 has increased by 28.93% compared to 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic occurred. (source:


Indonesian Furniture

Indonesia Furniture Trusted in Global Market

In 2019, Indonesia Furniture has achieved an export value of USD 1.7 billion.  

With the aim of several countries such as the US, Japan, the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. (source:

This export success in the international market will definitely be achieved and even increased in the coming years.

Creativity and quality as well as innovation from Indonesian furniture company and workers in the field of furniture design are expected to continue to increase and be increasingly trusted.

Best Furniture Design From Bali

Indonesia Furniture

Bali is one of the regions in Indonesia which is also one of the well-known furniture producing centers.

Furniture from Bali is one of the quality furniture which also has a good export value. Many are trusted and favored by the global market.

This is because Bali Furniture has quality in its own design and uniqueness. Thus providing added value for the products from Bali. One important thing, that furniture products from Bali are very focused on this.

All of them make furniture products from Bali one of the best in the Indonesian Furniture sector.

We are one of the leading furniture companies in Indonesia

Established in 2005, Bali Best Buy Furniture is currently one of the best Indonesian furniture company in Bali. Especially in custom furniture.

Products from Bali Best Buy have been widely used in various places such as villas, private homes, cafes, restaurants, offices to hotels.

This is because the quality is always maintained by the Bali Best Buy team. So that customers get satisfaction when they make custom orders to this one Indonesia Furniture company.

This company is engaged in custom furniture, handicrafts. With factories located in Bali and also Jepara, this company serves wholesalers as well as Bali Furniture exporters Indonesia to various countries.

Indonesia Furniture for export
Indonesian Furniture

Our Furniture products have been trusted by many customers, and they are satisfied with the production results from Us

Indonesia Furniture Project

Our Project at Away – Bali Legian Camakila

Indonesian Furniture

Our Project at Project at Morabito

Indonesia Furniture Exporters

Our Project at Villa Dyah – Pantai Seseh

Get the various Indonesian furniture products you need here! Only at Bali Best Buy will you get the best quality custom furniture products and friendly service.

Whatever your furniture design idea, just contact the Bali Best Buy team, they will provide you with really high quality furniture as you expected.

All of the Bali Best Buy team are selected people who are experienced, trained and experts in the design and production process of furniture. So that the final product is the best. Because that’s the standard of our work.

You are looking for the best Indonesia furniture manufacturers, and we will provide the best results for you.

The Best Place To Find Indonesian Furniture in Bali

It’s time for you to find the best place to find Indonesia Furniture for your project or business. Are you an agent or reseller or you have a furniture store in your country and want to get the best furniture products from Indonesia.

However, we understand that product quality and design are very important in a furniture business. Of course, the low price is also another consideration.

Therefore, we are ready to help and serve all your furniture needs. With more than 17 years of experience, we have produced a lot of furniture from various completed local and export projects.

As one of the most trusted Indonesian Furniture Manufacturer, we have an experienced and skilled team, as well as creative workers in producing various types of Balinese furniture.

Various furniture designs have been produced and provide satisfaction to our customers.
And now is the time for you to get the best Indonesian furniture products.

Indonesia furniture

Custom Furniture
For Residential

Furniture for private homes and villas certainly requires a good design to beautify the existing indoor and outdoor spaces.

We as one of the Indonesia Furniture company based in Bali are ready to serve you to realize your design ideas into the best furniture production.

Custom Furniture
For Hotel Resort

Furniture for hotels and resorts requires its own unique design and design. Is it indoor or outdoor furniture.

Our team will be ready to help realize the best furniture ideas and concepts for you. Starting from a variety of beds, daybeds, bar chairs and so on.

Indonesian Furniture
Indonesian Furniture

Custom Furniture
For Cafe & Restaurant

Furniture for cafes, restaurants and bars requires special custom furniture to make your design ideas into a classy product that matches the interior of your room.

You can get everything you need for all your furniture needs here!

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