Rattan Furniture Bali: Classy Design of Bali Furniture

Rattan Furniture Bali is one of the best choices for those who love natural materials. It has been used in many areas of life, especially in furniture design.

Are you looking for quality furniture that can be suitable for living rooms, dining rooms, and even outdoor furniture? Many options are available for you, and every option suits every taste and décor concept. However, one of the most popular options for both indoor and outdoor furniture, and has been very popular since the 1970s to even the modern era, is rattan furniture Bali.

Rattan chairs, tables, and desks have become very popular quickly in American and European Households, and it has become quite the hottest trend all over the world. Rattan is very flexible, and light, yet it is very sturdy and durable.

It also gives the room, a homey, classic look, and exotic touch to the room, and is perfectly suitable for a garden patio, gracing your deck, and perfect for outdoor venues. 

So, What is Rattan Furniture Bali?

rattan furniture bali

Rattan is a type of hard vine that can be used to create a variety of furniture and handicrafts. Rattan vines are native to South East Asia, and small parts of South China. It is found wildly in the jungle of Borneo, around the Malay Peninsula, and some parts of Vietnam, but the largest Rattan producers can be found in Indonesia, in Borneo to be exact.

Natural Rattan, originates from rattan vines, it is related to palm trees, and it grows wild in the jungle. Rattan is very valuable because the vines themselves will take at least 20 years to grow to harvest size, and the fiber itself is quite hard to manufacture.

Nonetheless, Rattan is considered one of the most popular types of wood to be used in furniture and has even moved to the spotlight of home décor all around the world. While rattan is also used as the main product or complement in a furniture design. One of them is Rattan Furniture Bali.

Natural Rattan is sought after for its flexibility, lightness, and durability. However, Rattan fibers aren’t suitable for a variety of weather conditions, and if it is exposed to the weather conditions, they would rot, and wouldn’t last long.

If it is bleached by the sun, or soaked by the rain, it will affect the natural color of Rattan, and the risk of water trapped inside the weaves of Rattan furniture. 

Reasons Why Rattan Furniture is Very Popular

rattan furniture with teak wood

From the late 1970s to the 1980s, there is a popular trend in the household furniture is the use of exotic woods and cloth, especially furniture from Asia. The authentic Rattan chairs are one of the most popular pieces of furniture, as it is very light, durable, and have classy exotic looks from Asia.

Hence, the rising popularity of one-pieces furniture made from Rattan, like Rattan bistro chairs, Rattan sofas, Rattan sofa swings, etc.

There are many reasons for the rising popularity of Rattan, so why does Rattan wood furniture become very popular?

1. Rattan Wood Furniture is Stylish

One of the reasons why many people buy Rattan furniture in Bali is mostly because of how it looks. Classic rattan is woven from durable fabric, and its classic woven look is easily recognizable anywhere. It is a highly sophisticated piece of furniture that takes a long time to make, making it highly authentic, sought-after furniture.

2. Rattan wood is durable yet lightweight

One of the main qualities of rattan wood is that it is very durable, yet very lightweight. Due to its being made from hard fibers, its fibrous nature is very light, and when woven into furniture, and coated, it can be very durable, and withstand weather conditions. 

3. Rattan is suitable for both outdoor and indoor furniture

Rattan furniture is suitable for indoor and outdoor furniture, as it is a very durable material. However, if you choose to place it outdoors, you might still want to avoid it getting soaked in the rain, as rainwater can get trapped inside the rattan fibers. 

Bali Best Buy : One of the Best Rattan Furniture Manufacturers in Bali

bali rattan furniture

We are one of the furniture companies in Bali. With more than 17 years of experience in the production of all types of furniture, whether using solid wood, natural rattan, synthetic rattan or a unique combination of solid wood and rattan. All of them produce classy and high-quality Bali furniture products.

We have handled and completed many products and projects. Whether it’s for private homes, villas, cafes, restaurants, offices and hotels. Both for indoor and outdoor furniture products.

Everything is done by our professional production team and experts in their fields. For all furniture product design concepts, whether it’s using rattan, solid wood, or a combination of both. We make sure to provide added value to the finished product.

For more information, you can contact our team via WhatsApp or visit our showroom and office directly.

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