Wood Shelving Rack

Wood Shelving Rack is a wooden shelf to put various items such as, providing food, carrying various items, or left in one place to put tissue boxes, or anything, it could even be shoes.

Using teak wood material, with a beautiful finish, makes this custom Furniture look antique and expensive.

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Get organized with the shelving rack to put together your stuff. Made out of teakwood so it’s strong and durable, also is easy to maintain. Combined with a wheels so you can easily move it around. A much needed furniture for your place.

A unique yet simple form, to put your various items. With a natural finish, or even waxed, you can choose the finish you want.

We at Bali Best Buy can make custom Furniture ranging from large ones such as beds, cabinets, to kitchen islands, even making villa buildings with wood materials we also master.

But smaller items like this product we can also do. Various kinds of chairs, tables, cabinets, including rack like this.

As long as it still uses wood, with any finishing, ranging from duco, hpl, etc.

Wood materials also vary, depending on the desire. Can use sungkai wood, Laminate Rubber Wood or others. Not a problem at all. Because our experienced craftsmen can make custom Furniture from any material, as easy as a baker to make bread.

From the need for villas, resorts, bars, restaurants, to private homes, we have many clients from abroad and within the country, and a very large portfolio that some already exist on this website.

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