Wooden Cases For Watches And Sunglasses

Wooden Cases like those in this picture can be used to put small items or accessories, including watches, glasses, jewelry, hair ornaments, etc.

This time we made Wooden Cases for a brand that produces glasses and watches from wood and bamboo. The company has the vision to save the environment for the next generation.

Made of Laminate rubberwood which is widely obtained in Indonesia, and has a beautiful wood pattern and elegant natural color.

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Wooden Cases like in this picture are an order from a company, a brand that produces watches, glasses, covers for iPhones, mobile phones, and even bicycles, which are made of wood.

With Laminate Rubberwood material with a very distinctive wood pattern, with a bright brownish yellow wood color, making this wooden box very natural, and luxurious.

They also made a tissue box of wood with the brand name engraved on the top. Yes, Bali is amazing many talented and unique artists, are very creative, and can make anything from wood, bamboo, etc.

Well, Bali Best Buy remains in its field, which makes all kinds of Furniture from wood, and metal iron.

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