Wooden Playground Cabinets

Wooden Playground Cabinets were made for a child, as a cabinet for men to display and put their various toys. Previously, this child had also been made in a chicken coop, to raise chicks.

Made of laminate rubber wood with duco army color & natural finishing. What is clear, the parents of this child, of course, want toys or toy cabinets that are environmentally friendly and safe for their children in the long term

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Wooden Playground Cabinets in this picture belong to a boy named Archer.

Is a cabinet, where he plays. With a board on which he can hang various small toys, letters, or anything there.

While the drawers at the bottom of the closet, is for children can store a variety of small toys there, so, all can be neatly arranged, the child can tidy up toys, can display what he wants. Very interesting.

Made of laminate rubber wood with duco army color and natural finishing.

The result is an environmentally friendly and natural-looking toy cabinet, previously Archer had also made a chicken coop, to put the chicks.

Yes, parents who want to make their children happy, will think to provide a playground, which is environmentally friendly, and safe for their children, either short or long term.

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