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A trusted place for all the design needs of Bali furniture Wholesale & Manufacturer based in Bali. Because your satisfaction is our happiness in working to produce The Best Quality Furniture.

Our Project at Villa Karishma
Our project at Kong - Jl. Pantai Berawa
Our Furniture Project at Plant Cartel - Canggu
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Bali Best Buy Furniture

We are Bali Furniture Wholesale & Manufacturer for customized design. Established since 2005, BALI BEST BUY FURNITURE continues to strive to provide satisfaction for its customers.

Custom furniture is one of the mainstay services of these company based in Bali and Jepara.

Customers bring their own design ideas and we do our best to make it a quality and classy Bali Furniture.

Dining table wood and rope chairs Bali Furniture Wholesale

Dining Room

Dining Table Wood and Rope Chairs

Bali Furniture Manufacturer sofa set

Living Room

Sofa Set

Bunk Bed For Kids Bali Furniture

Wooden Beds

Bunk Bed For Kids

Who We Are

Bali Furniture Wholesale

With the BALI BEST BUY FURNITURE work team that is experienced, skilled and creative in their field, we are very confident to provide the best service for you.

For all Bali Furniture Wholesale products.

With the best quality, we produce furniture for various purposes such as chairs, tables, bar stools, beds, sofas, ottomans, and other custom furniture.

And also various products related to lighting and crafts that are characteristic of Bali and various regions in Indonesia.

bali furniture with custom furniture

Leading Bali Furniture Manufacturer

Many of our customers are business people from different countries and grow their business in Bali or in their country.

Some of them come to Bali to buy villas, open cafes or restaurants and even build hotels for their business development.

Others are more interested in looking for handicraft products or furniture for them to export to their country for business purposes.

They are looking for Bali Furniture Manufacturer who can be trusted to realize their business.

And we, BALI BEST BUY experienced build relationships with our customers to provide the best service and furniture products or crafts, in accordance with what they expect.

Now, as one of the Indonesian Furniture companies in Bali, we are ready to serve you with quality products.

So, for all the products you are looking for in a Bali furniture shop or online, we are the right and trusted solution.

Customers Satisfied with us
as One Of The Best Bali Furniture Manufacturers

Yes! They are satisfied and happy with the products, and services of BALI BEST BUY FURNITURE and they recommend us to their friends. And that’s what always happens continuously: “Become a customer’s trust”.

That’s why our customers are growing from time to time. They came from India, Germany, France, Australia, Maldives, Sri Lanka and several other countries. 

Not just ordinary consumers, but they are customers who always come back to us for their business needs.

And it’s all because they trust us, BALI BEST BUY FURNITURE to realize their design ideas and projects into the best furniture products. They seek The Best Bali Furniture Manufacturers company and we always give our best for their satisfaction.

Our Wooden furniture Bali have been trusted and used for the interior and exterior of various houses, villas, cafes, restaurants, offices and hotels worlwide.

Bali Furniture Project Pantai Berawa

Our Project at Berawa

Bali Furniture

Our project at Afriandi's house

Custom Furniture Bali Best Buy Furniture

Our Project at Larry


Leading Bali Furniture Company

With an experienced, skilled and creative team, we are one step ahead in serving customers.

Trusted By Many Customers

Customers come back to make repeat orders. This proves that they are satisfied with our performance in producing their orders.

Experienced for more Than 17 Years

Our projects are both national and international. From furniture installations for exclusive homes, villas, cafes, restaurants, offices to hotel groups.

Best Quality Custom Furniture

We will never compromise on quality. No matter how challenging budgets may prove. For all custom furniture products, we make with the best quality.


Our Design is
Limited Only by Your Imagination

Our creative design team will always be ready to help clients to get the best designs. Above all, they will always work to maximize their potential for client satisfaction.

They can assist clients in defining and drafting new designs from scratch as well as very specific project summaries.

We’ll refine all your concept sketches into stunning products that will be masterpieces for your home, office or any corner of your room.


What People Say

Testimonial Bali Best Buy Furniture

Hi, my name is Arvin and I´m from Sweden. I have worked with Bali Best Buy for my project in Uluwatu. My experience has been really good and I can highly recommend Mr Daniel and the entire Bali Best Buy family. They have showed me great hospitality and kept me well informed through the whole process. The end result has been as expected and even better. The communication is also very good because most of the staff can speak english very well.

Med vänliga hälsningar,
Arvin Hoshjargar

Testimonial Bali Furniture

I was highly recommended Bali Best Buy by a friend. I’ve just recently moved to Bali with my family of 6. I needed custom beds made, wardrobes, desk, pantry, TV unit, mirrors, basically everything one can think of when you’re moving into an empty villa. From the start, Mr. Daniel, the owner, has gone over and above to delivery incredible furniture. His team are so professional, reliable and creative, especially Mr. Tomi. I am a perfectionist, I have an eye for details, and I have high expectations, which were fully met by Bali Best Buy. I am a new loyal customer and I will recommend this Bali furniture company to friends. Again, I would like to Thank Bali Best Buy for their amazing work and for making our villa pur official pride.

Catherine Llumigusin

Villa Owner

Testimonial Custom Furniture Bali

Most reliable and easy to deal with company.

Infinity Design Corp

So What Are You Waiting For?

For all the Bali furniture needs you are looking for, the solution is here!


Wholesale & Manufacturer

Chairs, Tables, Beds, Bar Stools, Crafts and also Customize Furniture.

Everything is done by skilled and experienced experts for the best production results on your living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen or entryway, etc


As a Bali Furniture Manufacturer and wholesale, Our company prides itself on our meticulous attention to detail and unwavering dedication to producing top-notch furniture that surpasses the standards of other furniture companies in Bali. We value our clients’ satisfaction and work closely with them to comprehend their individual needs and preferences. By utilizing premium materials and advanced techniques, we are able to guarantee that every piece of furniture we manufacture is of premium quality.

Our company provides an extensive selection of personalized furniture options, catering to both indoor and outdoor settings, as well as commercial and residential spaces. Our collection encompasses a variety of items, such as sofas, chairs, tables, and storage units, among others. Additionally, we are equipped to design and manufacture custom pieces tailored to your specific requirements and preferences.

Bali Best Buy Furniture Wholesale and Manufacturer is a company that specializes in custom furniture design and production. Our expert team of craftsmen is dedicated to helping you create a unique design that reflects your personal style while meeting your specific needs. We are committed to providing high-quality furniture that exceeds your expectations.

If you’re planning to order custom furniture, it’s important to note that the production time can vary. This is because it largely depends on the complexity of the design and the materials that will be used to create your piece. To provide you with an accurate timeline, we’ll need to discuss your specific needs and preferences in detail. Once we have all the necessary information, we’ll be able to give you a clear idea of when you can expect your custom furniture to be completed.

We are pleased to inform you that we provide delivery and installation services for all of our bespoke furniture projects. Our team will collaborate with you to arrange a delivery and installation time that is suitable and convenient for you. Rest assured that we will take care of the proper installation of your furniture and ensure that it meets your expectations. Of course everything is also adjusted to your location.

Bali Best Buy Furniture Manufacturer takes pride in providing top-notch custom furniture at reasonable prices. Our team prepares a comprehensive project estimate tailored to your specific requirements, giving you a clear understanding of the cost involved. We collaborate with you to ensure that the final cost is within your budget, so you can enjoy the quality you deserve without breaking the bank.

If you’re interested in embarking on a custom furniture project, we invite you to reach out to us to set up a consultation. Our consultation process involves a comprehensive exploration of your specific requirements and preferences. After this, we will furnish you with a detailed quote and timeline for your project. Once you’ve given the go-ahead, we’ll immediately get to work on creating your custom furniture to your exact specifications.

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