Wooden Partition To Keep Your Privacy…

Wooden Partition Made of rattan and solid wood in natural finishing. To divide the two rooms, and also as a compliment, increase the sweetness of the room, keeping the privacy of each space. Stay Woody and natural shades.

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Wooden Partition is a divider or screen, which is placed between two rooms, separating one room, from another room.

Can be done anywhere necessary. It can even limit between two residences or two places of business. Two dormitories or boarding houses. Its function is to maintain the privacy of each room. So that what is done in the other room, is not seen freely by people in the other part.

Such a Partition can be made using various materials. One that we often make is by using rattan and solid wood in natural finishing.

This Partition can be very simple, only made of solid wood frame, then the screen is made of rattan with hole patterns, neatly assembled, so it looks beautiful and still looks between thin rooms.

With natural color finishing, then the natural effect, still felt, let alone the surrounding also use a lot of wood as well. Perfect fit.

In essence, you can create custom Furniture that is tailored to your room, large or small, as a functional addition, using natural materials, such as wood, processed wood, and with various finishes. Maybe it won’t be perfect, but we will do the best we can.

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