Trolley with Solid wood combined with black iron

Trolley, is a tool to move goods from one place to another. Trolly is similar to a stroller and has two wheels, so the goods carried are not heavy. Anyone can push the trolley. Well in this picture you see a wooden trolley that we have made, with a combination of black iron.

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The trolley is a tool to move an item and is usually used in companies or in supermarkets, where people buy a lot of goods put in a basket or trolley to push their groceries while looking at other goods.

Well, imagine now such a trolley is made of solid wood, with a combination of black iron. It looks like in the picture. Usually, people who saw it might think that it was a child’s toy or a horse-drawn carriage. It turned out to be a trolley with two wooden wheels on the front.

So in conclusion, you can make Furniture from wood and Iron, any shape, as long as it can be imagined then you can make it with us.

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