Shelf for Sunglasses

Shelf for Sunglasses is made of Solid wood with whitewash finishing, so it looks natural and the wood grain sticks out. Because it is the brand we serve, producing various products and accessories made of wood.

The shelves were made of wood, then the box to put the glasses, watches are also ordered in Bali Best Buy everything we do carefully and impressed luxury.

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Shelf for Sunglasses is a shelf used to put glasses, from a fairly well-known brand, which produces accessories items made of wood. For example, wooden glasses, watches, mobile phone cases, etc.

For the rack skirt of course also use wood, because this brand has a mission to protect the environment and save the next generation, by using wood and bamboo in the goods produced and sold.

On the site of the kate wood brand, you can see that even bicycles in certain parts are also made of wood.

Bali is famous for its amazingly beautiful and very traditional nature, so unique brands that love the environment get their place here.

Bali Best Buy also produces custom Furniture made of wood or processed wood.

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