Bar Chair Table Set

Bar Chair Table set order from a Villa has been installed and we use it as our portfolio. And we’ve served a lot of villas, resorts, restaurants, etc.

Table top made of plywood with white duco finishing looks simple, and easy to make quickly because we have a workshop for wood and iron materials. Feels clean and aesthetic

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Bar Chair Table Set this time is an order from a Villa in bali. Look how the Furniture uses wood materials, with different finishes.

Most villas and hotels in Bali, face the style of furniture or residential typical of bali, which is natural, made of natural materials such as rattan, wood, straw, etc.

This Bar Chair Table Set is Made of rattan combined with black iron.

Table top made of plywood with white duco finishing looks simple but beautiful and luxurious. The combination of iron and wood and rattan is an ideal combination, white and black colors are also a lot of choices from many Furniture owners because neutral can fill each other with other Furniture in the room.

We work on wooden furniture in our workshop including iron, we also have our own workshop, so everything we can do quickly at a reasonable price. Moreover, speed is also our focus, and every time there is a request for service, we handle it quickly.

If you have a business in bali, you need custom Furniture with any model, you can take it to Bali Best Buy we will help make it happen.

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