White kitchen and fridge cabinets with plywood

A white kitchen can display a clean, luminous and elegant effect. Including cabinets for the refrigerator, then for the water dispenser, everything can fit well into the closet. With white duco paint as the finish then it looks appropriate. all of these are made in Bali Best Buy custom according to the client’s wishes.

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The kitchen and cabinets for the refrigerator in white give the impression of being clean, and elegant. There are also many who like to use Furniture with white paint color.

The furniture in this picture uses plywood, where plywood is a Furniture material that is very widely used in Indonesia.

Unlike solid wood, which consists entirely of wood, and actually wood, plywood is an artificial material that is also still very good to be made into Furniture. Duco paint is widely used as a finishing because it looks very smooth and is suitable for finishing wood materials.

You can make various types of Furniture from wood or wood materials such as plywood, hpl, and various types of wood. And we are the expert in the industry of custom Furniture because we have already done it for years.

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