Wooden Partition For Your Home Or Office…

Wooden Partition in the picture next, made of wood type Sungkai or laminate rubberwood, so the color of the wood looks brighter yellowish, then wood fibers also look good and beautiful. With a given partition of wood, the room looks more natural and environmentally friendly, as well as a sweetener room, and style is also unique.

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Wooden partition Panel is a room separator made of wood, as in the picture next.

Made of sungkai wood or rubber wood laminate, with an attractive design as seen in the picture, making the function of this wooden Partition Panel not only as a room divider so that privacy is more maintained, but also at the same time can be an elegant and natural wood decoration in an office or homeroom.

By using wood, the office looks more luxurious and natural. Environmentally friendly, especially for tropical areas such as Bali. You can find furniture from wood for anything, even accessories were made of wood, and we have experience in making all custom Furniture from wood.

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