Round Cushion Sun proof with Aluminum and Synthetic Rattan

Hotels, villas, and resorts thrive in Bali. Offers a variety of advantages, comfort, and pampering for both local and foreign tourists.

In contrast to domestic tourists, foreign tourists, many of who like to bask in the sun, use a daybed, or also around Cushion like this.

Outdoor and sunproof becomes a must, so it is durable. And the frame is made of aluminum and synthetic rattan making this Round Cushion sturdy and durable.

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Round Cushion is ordered by one of the star hotels on the beach, with a swimming pool, with a very unique shape and jutting into the pool, where tourists can sunbathe there, or enjoy their drinks, without having to pull over. They can talk there, and at any time they can plunge into the water again.

On the inside at the base, is outdoor wood, then the round section is made with Synthetic Rattan and aluminum, so it lasts a long time and forms a nice round. The cushion is made of sun-resistant material, so it remains durable even when the sun is hot, like on a tropical island like Bali.

This is why Bali is so famous for its abundance of sunlight where people can sunbathe, can swim at any time, in any weather, and enjoy vacation days, I’m sure you so want to take a vacation to Bali, after seeing this picture. 🙂

As a tropical island with abundant sunshine, Bali is indeed very charming, with swimming pools, and beaches, making the tourists come again and again.

You don’t have to own a hotel just yet to have a round Cushion like this in your pool. 🙂

We are ready to serve the manufacture of all your needs for furniture both indoors and outdoors. One of the things that are often in demand by villa owners is Bali outdoor furniture.
Because after all, making furniture outdoors must be done in more detail in terms of materials and finishing. So that the products that have been made will be better results, be durable and long-lasting outdoors.

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