Wooden Door With Natural Finishing

This time we will talk about the door of the House. It is normal to use the door, in houses in bali, whether villas, hotels, resorts, to enter the room also usually going through a door.

Most doors use wood. Whether teak wood, rubber wood, flare, and more. Usually the door is made with thick materials, and in natural finishing, to give the impression of natural and elegant. So many kinds of doors, choose wisely, chat with us. 🙂

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Do you need a Wooden door for your house or villa? Now no need to be confused, about where to get it. We are here for all furniture solutions in Bali. One of the products as shown in the photo above is Wooden Door With Natural Finishing

The use of doors in homes in Indonesia is very common. However, each region and even the country has a different style of door. Bali and Java have different door styles. Just as every Furniture has its own personality, so does every door. The design is different, the material used is different, the finishing is different…

Different finishes become completely different finishes.

This time wooden door uses solid wood with natural finishing

The wood used can be various, For example, teak wood, laminated rubberwood, flare wood, and many more options.

Doors need to look solid because of the front of a house. When people come to your house, then the first time they will enter through the door of your house. You can even add patterns or carvings on your door. Of course, the more complicated the model of your home door, the longer the manufacture. 🙂

For all your furniture needs, we are the best solution for you. Even today, no matter where you look at our website. As one of the best Indonesian furniture manufacturers with more than 17 years of experience in the furniture industry.

One of them, as in the photo above, is a wooden door that you can order with your design and concept, and our team will perfect it and make it the best product possible.

All wooden doors are good for the front door, bedroom door, and so on, we are ready to make it a quality furniture product for you.

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