Wooden Door

Wooden Door we made for a hostel in Berawa Beach, Canggu.

Made of laminate rubber wood with natural finishing. So it looks traditional, natural but the texture of the wood looks striking because it is the advantages of laminate rubber wood, many choices of wood that can be used, we give input to clients who have ordered a lot of custom Furniture in Bali Best Buy.

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Wooden Door from a hostel in Berawa Beach, canggu. Made of laminate rubber wood with natural finishing. so the texture of the wood still looks very clear, and it becomes very natural. The wood used is also strong for the long term and is often used for most Furniture.

If the finishing and the work are neat, then the materials used are not too much of a problem, because they will still look luxurious and beautiful.

The door can use any material other than wood, but because this hostel is near the beach in bali. Which is indeed the atmosphere is still natural, and environmentally friendly, and in bali the tourists love to see the atmosphere of nature, village, quiet, peaceful, then most of the Furniture used is made of wood.

everything that smells of wood or nature is widely used as furniture or handicraft, including paintings smelling of nature. Even the food in bali is very delicious and uses a lot of vegetables and natural ingredients.

Wooden Door is simple, and can be beautiful and luxurious if done with high quality. No wonder this hostel has ordered various other Furniture from Bali Best Buy 🙂 and we are also happy to serve you. 🙂

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