Wooden Canopy Outdoor With Polycarbonate Roof

Wooden canopy outdoor like this is made with good durability and gives theartistic impression because it uses galam wood.

Galam Wood is a small type of wood that is artistic, as the interior of the house, used on the roof in the same direction, lengthwise, looks beautiful and unique. Even in front of the Bali Best Buy office, we use Galam wood on the roof.

Polycarbonate is an excellent glass replacement material, and it is durable. Easy to install, protect us from UV rays, 20 times stronger than acrylic, make your afternoon or morning more comfortable, feel a lot of wind, stay protected even when it rains, with a cup of coffee or warm tea, really delicious!

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Wooden Canopy outdoor with Polycarbonate Roof looks beautiful and can last a long time because it uses a quality and durable material that is Polycarbonate. Beautiful because there is an interior decoration using Galam wood. This Wood is found in many swamps in Borneo.

The type of small wood that was used for House fences, even firewood, turned out to be much loved for Furniture Today. Even in front of our office at Bali Best Buy, you can find a wooden galam on the roof, very beautiful.

Wooden Canopy with Polycarbonate Roof like this is safe against UV rays and even stronger than acrylic, leakproof, clear as glass, easy to install, lightweight, etc.

At the bottom of the canopy is placed a long wooden seating model with a wooden table. Yes, the natural atmosphere is still felt, and the afternoon relaxing upstairs, without worrying about UV rays, enjoying the afternoon breeze, accompanied by warm coffee or tea, is really amazing 🙂

Bali Furniture Products like this you can order through us. Bali Best Buy Furniture by adjusting from the design concept you want as Custom Furniture.

For other outdoor furniture Bali  products, You can see our other products, like Wooden Partition Design With Coffee Table, L-shaped sofas and others.

So, for your furniture needs, you can directly contact us, Bali Best Buy, Jalan Teuku Umar Barat 868 Denpasar Bali. Our team will always be ready to serve you with the best furniture designs and products. All furniture products have been made by our team with the best results, for indoors and outdoors.


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