Wooden Box For Chicks

Wooden Box for Chicks as in the picture on the left is made for a child named Archer, which is a cute chicken coop, complete with a place to play chickens, and because there is a net, so the chicks can not get out.

Made of plywood with white duco finishing, and other wood materials. If you want to make one for your child, all children’s play furniture is made of wood, and we are ready to help you.

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The chicks house
Special for Archer, a handsome baby

Wooden Box for Chicks is not just a box, but is a house for chickens. 🙂

There is even a playground for chicks, where there is a slide.

There is a net so that the chicks cannot get out if they are accidentally removed.

The shape is very unique, and made of plywood, with a white duco finish, or HPL.

Yes, even Wooden Box for Chicks like this, for your beloved child we can make with pleasure.

So, if you want to please your son and daughter with a wooden playground, or a chicken coop like this, then we are ready to make your wish come true. 🙂

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