Coffee Table Set Of 3

Coffee Table Set of 3 is a casual table to put coffee, tea, and snacks, and relax in the morning or afternoon with family, friends, companions, or anyone.

It can be for 3 people, and if you need 4, 6, or even 8 people, then it can be made even larger.

Made of Black iron combined with solid wood, solid surface top. And is a Project at Vinaka villa-Canggu.

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Coffee Table Set of 3 as the name suggests, is a table for coffee, a casual table where you can put drinks, coffee or tea is not a problem. Then some snacks, snacks, bread, anything, to accompany your beverage.

Such a table is called a coffee table, and this time, it is for 3 people, which means, it can also be larger and longer, for 4 people, 6 or 8.

custom Furniture is Furniture that is tailored to your wishes, with materials, models, and even finishing according to what you want. We at Bali Best Buy only work and suggest the best according to our experience, 17 years in this industry.

There are various kinds of Coffee tables, whether short, so sitting on the floor or sofa, or higher, there is even a box, square, or long as in the picture. Even on the top layer of the table, there is a white duco finishing, or HPL, or Solid Wood with natural finishing. Yeah, just like human personality, you can make unlimited Furniture with existing ones. We are ready to make it happen for you.

Bali is very famous for its typical Balinese furniture. Indonesia is one of the Furniture producing countries with the top 10 export quantities in the world. Tukang2 imported from Jepara, in Bali Best Buy very skillfully, and experienced. With the latest equipment, the quality of today’s Furniture is really no limit to what you want to make. Consult us. 🙂

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