Round Wall Decoration – Balinesse Wooden Accesories

Round Wall Decoration is Balinese Wooden Accessories made with Solid wood in whitewash finishing… gives the effect that the goods are made a long time ago, and like it looks dusty or not shiny. Though this is just a finishing technique that can be applied to any Furniture, such as tables, beds, chairs, cabinets, etc.

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Round Wall Decoration made of solid wood in whitewash finishing displays art and accessories that look very antique and because the finish is like that then this item so looks long ago.. that’s the effect of the finish.

So you can choose how your Furniture is perceived. You can make it look new, look shiny, very full of finish, or even burnt (burned with fire) or whitewash, where the wood fibers come out and like there is fog or white coating.

This is to give the effect that the Furniture looks to have been stored for a long time, is old, and blends with the surrounding.

Bali has many mysteries. Therefore known as the island of the gods, the goods, handicrafts, sculptures, and Furniture all look old and antique. so that adjusting to the feel of it gives high comfort and artistic effect.

Orders from a famous beach club in Bali, further complement our portfolio of what Bali Best Buy can make, and who are our clients. The Whitewash technique for Furniture can be applied to almost any furniture, such as tables, chairs, cabinets, beds, etc.

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