Wooden Food Cart

Wooden food Cart is similar to wooden food stall, the difference is, that one shape is like a stroller, complete with wheels, while the other is without wheels, and its function is only as a food-drink display. If it does not have wheels, then it must be lifted.

Using solid wood with duco finishing with the desired color. You can bring your design if you already know, and we will help make it for you. 🙂

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Wooden food Cart is different from wooden food stall, although both are similar the cart model is more like a train. With there are two wheels.

While stall is more to the place of displaying food, in the form of a stand or a small house, where sales and food or drinks are displayed neatly there.

As the name suggests, the main material is solid wood, from a variety of durable Woods to choose from. Then for the color display use the appropriate colored finishing duco they want.

The final look results in a smooth texture, without pores or wood fibers, shiny and smooth. You can come to us and bring a picture or design that you want to make, and we will make it happen for you, even if there is a part or material, and even better design then we will recommend something for you.

Wooden food Cart like this, if in Bali, are usually placed in the hotel lounge or during the exhibition, in the mall, or in the food court and used to sell traditional foods such as es cendol, tempe bacem, gado-gado, bakso etc. You should try. 🙂

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