Outdoor Sofa, Pouffs and Tables

Occasionally we also get orders from outside the island, such as this outdoor Sofa, complete with poufs and tables. This order came from Lombok. And there are many of the Furniture made in Bali Best Buy With of course we bring our experts.

The materials used, consider outdoor Furniture, with sun-resistant fabrics, and strong wood because Lombok is similar to Bali, with a lot of sun with a very beautiful tropical climate. Traditional atmosphere, beachside, beautiful natural life, good food, all the attractions.

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This outdoor Sofa is booked from one of the 3-star hotels in Gili Trawangan. Gili is a small island located on the island of Lombok, next to the island of Bali.

We must of course send our experts there during the work on the project. And there are many of Furniture made by our experts for this hotel.

One of them is this outdoor Sofa, complete with poufs and tables.

As outdoor furniture, the materials used need to be considered, given the climate in Lombok which is similar to Bali, and contains salt, and windy heat.

Wood that is resistant to extreme weather, then materials that are resistant to sunlight, will be an option. Moreover, Lombok is similar to Bali, very natural, and uses a lot of wood Furniture. So, if you have a business in Lombok, and want to order custom Furniture from Bali Best Buy then we will gladly serve you.

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