Sofa set with Laminate rubberwood

A sofa set can consist of a stool to put the legs, in the form of a box and short chair, then several sofas, equipped with pillows and fabric lining. There is also a table. The lighter color of wood Laminate rubberwood, plus wood fibers that are clearly visible, add to the natural, elegant feel of the room where this sofa set is placed.

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The owner of this sofa set must be a person who is very happy with wooden furniture. Sofa set consists of be, some sofas, and stools are all made of Laminate rubber wood with the top using cushion and pillows.

The wood grain is still clearly visible, with the characteristic rubberwood color, i.e. light in color. Different if the wood used is darker teak.

Finishing done for this Furniture also affects… overall, this Furniture looks elegant, natural and aesthetic.

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