Outdoor Wooden Sectional Sofa

Outdoor wooden Sectional is an L-shaped sofa or chair placed in a corner, made of Solid Wood with a natural finish, or whitewash finish combined with black metal or black iron. Project at Vinaka Villa – Canggu.

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Outdoor wooden Sectional Sofa or often also called L sofa for outdoor because it looks like the letter L. There are sofas made of Solid Wood with a natural finish, or whitewash finish, according to choice, so that it looks natural and antique. Of course, because it is placed outdoors, the wood material used is wood that is resistant to climate and weather outdoors.

The bottom, or buffer, is made of metal or black iron, where we have a special metal workshop, so ranging from wood to metal made in our own workshop or from one source, namely: Bali Best Buy

We even used to make villa buildings, ranging from walls, and floors, to wooden sofas, and many more Furniture as a filler for a villa.

L sofa for outdoors like this is usually placed in the Garden, Park, blending with the Green of the plants so that your garden becomes very natural. Products with this design are also one of the most popular categories of outdoor furniture Bali.

Even if you stop by our office, at the front there is a room made of mostly wood material… anywhere write on a table, which is also made of wood with black iron, which we produce ourselves.

So whether you need custom outdoor furniture, we will gladly do it for you. Contact us. Bali Best Buy Furniture, Jalan Teuku Umar 868, Kerobokan, Kuta Bali. Or you can click the WhatsApp button below to chat with our staff.

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