White Display Cabinets for Jewelry Shop

White display Cabinets that are next to this, using plywood and HPL with a classy white color, look luxurious and clean because it is used to display jewelry sold to the public.

Furniture like this needs to be done in a custom, and with very good accuracy, because it brings the image of the products sold are classy products such as jewelry.

This jewelry store is in batu bolong area, bali.

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This White Display Cabinets is a project from our clients who sell jewelry. So even Furniture for jewelry stores, we serve custom Furniture according to their wishes.

This Furniture uses plywood and HPL, producing cabinets to put jewelry that is very beautiful and looks very luxurious and elegant.

Jewelry is a classy product, and only people with superior taste will come to a store like this. Great styling, impression, and look are required. They need cabinets for their jewelry that can really deliver that image.

We are very proud, to be able to work with this jewelry store in providing quality White Display Cabinets, which they will wear in the long run. If you are traveling to Batu Bolong, you will probably find this jewelry store, and see our Furniture on its display. 🙂

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