Desk And Chair With Whitewash Finishing

If you take a trip to Ubud, you will see the beauty of nature with many extraordinary creative crafts. The community is also famous for being very friendly, and there are many beautiful villas there.

One of them is our clients who fill their Villa with Furniture from us like this Desk and chair.

With the same material: solid wood, finishing with the same whitewash look, so that it is uniform, and really looks different from other villas with a “village” effect and natural without losing its natural look.

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This desk and chair are still in one project, from one of the famous Villa in Ubud. Where almost all of its Bali Furniture is made by Bali Best Buy. Presenting Desk and chair from solid wood with whitewash finishing.

The same model as the other Furniture that they order, which is: whitewash finishing. This makes the look of the Furniture like in a traditional home in “kampong”. Give the natural effect of the feeling.

They are consistent with that feeling, so all of their Furniture that is custom made by us is designed that way.

Ubud is a village in Bali that is very famous for its traditional friendly community and once was filmed with starring Julia Robert’s cast, eat pray love.

Ubud has many world-class craftsmen… they are very creative and have an amazingly beautiful view of the rice fields. Many things can be done in Ubud, one of which is jogging on the Campuhan ridge walk, and looking at the green cliffs, where the slopes of many villas were built.

Many of them make their Furniture at Bali Best Buy 🙂 and we are proud of that. 🙂

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