Dining Chairs and Table Set For Hotel

Dining Chairs and Table Set made of wood, used in one of the three-star hotels in Lombok, the island next to Bali. With incredible views, no less than Bali, the beaches are even quieter, making Lombok a good target market for furniture from Bali.

We have made Furniture there many times. Using solid wood and blue cushion, this Dining Chairs and Table Set really looks natural and natural, suitable for hotels in Lombok.

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Dining Chairs and Table Set, is a package of orders, as custom furniture from one of the hotels in Gili Trawangan, Lombok. Made of solid wood with blue cushion, with quality materials, because the order from one of the star hotels there.

And for this project, because the distance from Bali-Lombok is quite far, then we send our expert craftsmen there, and they have to stay there during the work of Furniture products there.

And Dining Chairs and Table Set is only part of so much Furniture that we make in Lombok.

Lombok, like Bali, has many beaches with very beautiful scenery. Even there it is quieter and quieter because it is not as famous as Bali. In the future, Lombok will be more fascinating, because of the construction of the airport, and even the GP motor circuit in Sepang.

Also, you can check our other product dining chairs products. All of them are projects that we have completed as custom furniture.

For those of you who have plans to re-design a hotel or cafe or restaurant room and intend to replace the furniture with something new and classy, please contact us directly.

Our experienced and expert team in the field of furniture design will always be ready to help and serve you. Quality is our work standard in producing the best furniture products.


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