Dining Chairs Solid Wood Combine With Duco Finishing

These unique dining chairs, made of solid wood with its distinctive fiber, combined with duco finishing with various colors as you wish the result is an elegant Dining chair, luxurious and truly unique.

We’ve made thousands like this, Let me know what you want? Consult your wishes to Bali Best Buy.

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Dining chairs are good, not only comfortable in sitting, but also look unique and luxurious, like this product.

We have very many stock Dining chairs that are ready to be processed, given the finishing as our clients want.

We have a lot of basic chairs, without finishing, not yet painted, colored as is, yellowish, according to the color of the wood after smoothing.

After then given a layer of HPL or paint with duco finishing, then the end result you can see here. The combination of solid wood and duco finishing with bright colors combined with wood color on the stand and the legs become a very interesting blend. Shades of wood with a distinctive pattern then duco that makes furniture look luxurious and glossy made into one produce an elegant Furniture.

We make according to the requests of our clients because it is not we who determine, they come with their wishes, and Bali Best Buy only realizes what they want, assisted by our experienced experts.

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