Bar Chairs Wooden

Bar Chairs Wooden is a favorite Bali Furniture ordered by our clients, because bali has a lot of bars and restaurants. Considering that bali has many tourist attractions close to the beach, so relax enjoying wine and drinks, young coconuts, various European or Indonesian foods, it is very fun if accompanied by good music and comfortable Furniture like this chair.

Made from combination of black iron, sungkai wood and rattan. We have many models of bar stools that we can make according to your choice.

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Wooden bar Chairs are widely used for bars in bali or anywhere, which use wooden Furniture. Bali and Lombok have many bars and restaurants so we very often make bar stools like this.

Made of black iron for the bottom, then sungkai wood, which has a distinctive and unique wood grain and a more yellowish color bright.

The backrest has additional rattan so it looks more natural and attractive.

The combination of these 3 things, namely black iron, sungkai wood, and rattan produce bar chairs that are different from usual, and custom from the owner of the bar. We have very many models of chairs that you can choose or our experience makes a variety of chairs and tables make whatever model you want Usually we can always make it happen.

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