Wooden Round Sofa

Wooden round Sofa has a base and frame made of solid wood plus plywood, of course, you can not see the inside.

round sofa is very necessary if the room is large and wants to be placed in the middle of the room so that people can sit around, placed with pillows or poufs that complement this sofa.

Coupled with quality padding and foam, it feels comfortable, durable, and elegant as well.

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Wooden round Sofa is one of the sofa models that many like, if the room is large enough, located in the middle, like those in star hotels in Gili Trawangan. This product is done with full care by our team. As one of the best Indonesian Furniture companies in Bali, quality is the main standard for our team to work with. With more than 17 years of experience, making all of our products give satisfaction to our clients.

Round Sofa some are big, some are small. Adjust how big the room is. Same with Curved shape Sofa. Is a sofa that is curved, and placed in a curved room as well.

The materials used usually use solid wood and plywood. as a company that produces a lot of Furniture using wood, we have produced very many sofas with various models.

There is also an L-shaped sofa or L shape sofa. Whatever type of product, what we sell is not that product, but the space you have. We will measure it, make the Furniture as you want, and adjust it to your room. That’s why every piece of furniture is unique. We have so many models and have made a variety of Furniture as many as the number of people who order it. 🙂

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Like one of our products, the Wooden Round Sofa, for all the furniture you are looking for and need, you can directly contact our team. You can directly come to our office which is located at Jl Teuku Umar 868 Denpasar. Or contact directly via WhatsApp which is on this website page.


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