Modular Sofa No Legs

Modular sofa no legs is a sofa that can be connected and separated from each other. This product is designed and made with extra comfort.

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Introducing one of the products that many people are looking for: Modular Sofa no Legs. This product is much loved, because of its extra comfort as a sofa. Designed and adapted to the size of the room as custom furniture from Bali Best Buy.

So, what is sofa modular? And the answer for this question is that modular sofa is a sofa made of modules that can be separated and connected to suit your room. And in the product according to the photo above, it is a sofa with no legs.

As a Bali furniture company, we will help to design this product with great and comfort according to what you expect.

Made With Comfort Level


Modular sofa no legs bali best buy

You can request the hardness level of the pads used. Good hard level, medium to soft level. Usually the common is the medium to soft level that gives a comfortable effect. All of them use quality foam and Dacron.

You can also order various types of modular sofas either with legs or without legs. Used for indoor or for outdoor. And we from Bali Best Buy Furniture will design the best for you. of course, with the best quality, durable and reasonable price.

We not only produce sofas, but even all furniture for all indoor or ooutdoor rooms. One that many do by hotels and villas is like “Daybed Cushion Outdoor” .

So if you are in Bali or anywhere, and looking for modular sofa of any type, please contact us directly: Bali Best Buy, Jl. Teuku Umar Barat 868, Br. Pengubengan Kangin, Kerobokan, Badung, Bali – Indonesia. Phone: +62 82144178866. Or just “CHAT with us” by WhatsApp.

With Modular Sofa No Legs Can Be Moved Easily

sofa no legs

Why should modular sofa no legs made from Bali Best Buy? Because we design in detail curves and materials that are really quality. So this sofa becomes a lightweight product, comfortable, and easy to move according to your wishes.

Where these modules can be arranged according to your will.  Sofa with a design per module will really not take up much of your room and just lift and stack it, then everything is in order. Really practical with this modular sofa no legs.

You can buy this product with your own design as custom furniture Bali here. And our team will help you to produce these Sofa No Legs with the best quality.

6 Advantages of Having a Sofa No Legs from us:

1. Easily adjustable and flexible.

By having Sofa no legs, then you can adjust the position of the sofa more easily. This is because the no legs sofa can consist of separate modular parts and can stand alone according to its function. Whether placed in the corner of the room, or as a complete sofa chair in the family room or living room.

2. Suitable for all room sizes.

Using a no legs modular sofa, you don’t need to be confused about changing the layout of your furniture throughout the room.
Because with a sofa consisting of detached modular parts, you can increase or decrease the size of the sofa and adjust it to the size of the room.

3. Gives a neat feel and easy to style.

With a couch no legs, you don’t need to be confused about the layout of your sofa. Easy to move, because it is flexible and suitable for your contemporary home style or your modern home style. You can also order a product like this in the form of a sofa bed no legs which is comfortable for relaxing.

4. Comfortable and Aesthetic

You can choose a modular sofa with a pattern that matches the color of your home. Usually the product like this use thicker materials and special foam that is soft but not easy to crumble. So that the sitting position will be more comfortable to relax in the family room or in the corner of the bedroom.

5. Sofa No Legs more durable and efficient

Using a no elgs sofa, which consists of several modules, will provide the added advantage of being efficient in terms of cost and maintenance. You can first buy several modular parts and if you want to add more, then you can order again with the same or different design or fabric pattern according to your wishes.

And again if one of the sofa modules is damaged, you don’t need to replace the whole one. Just replace the damaged module. This of course provides the benefit of cheaper replacement or repair costs.

6. We Make Couch No Legs With The Best Quality.

Making a sofa without legs must use materials with different qualities from ordinary sofas. Couch no legs are designed using lightweight but durable materials and use a thick fabric that doesn’t get dirty easily and is easier to clean.


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