Classic Sofa And Coffee Table

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Classic Sofa and Coffee Table this time is custom furniture for sofa with a classic model, usually, in ancient Java or Bali, many houses are still using a sofa with this classic model. Even now, there are still many found sofa models Kingdom or this past model.

Moreover, the wooden part with whitewash finishing features wood fibers and looks antique.

Coupled with a coffee table that is not too big with solid teak material as well, just as the sofa uses the same finishing that is a whitewash, it looks classic and antique.

The table also has a model that looks like a traditional kejawen.

If you like Bali Furniture with ancient Javanese models, Indonesian models of the past, or even modern models, sofas, complete with a coffee table, then we are ready to work on custom Furniture for you, because we have made a lot of sofa models.

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