Wooden Basebed, Headboard And Bedsides

Wooden Base bed, Headboard, and Beside drawn left is a bed set made of solid wood combined with rattan that gives a natural, traditional, and lasting impression. With a mix of paintings behind it, the big glass goes outside, really hommy and really Balinese.

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Wooden Base bed, Headboard, and Bedsides in this picture are made of solid wood combined with rattan.

The combination of wood and rattan makes this wooden bed Furniture really look antique and natural. Sometimes the impression ‘is” old ” but in Bali just an impression like that much sought after from a Furniture. And by merging with painting, other more modern Furniture, then natural Furniture like this remains unique and expensive.

As in the picture, on the back of this bed, there is a picture of a landscape with trees, adding a sense of nature…then on the right, there is a large glass that immediately penetrates into the green outside, trees and scenery, so that the Bali feel once, a combination of all that, resulting in a comfortable Villa and make the holiday unforgettable.

Wooden Furniture Bali always presents the feel of “old” “ancient” or even natural, but because it is made with high quality, plus a blend of finish, paint, and good colors make this Furniture remains luxurious and elegant.

Bali is known for its coconut trees, beaches, unique culture, special food, extraordinary natural scenery, friendly people and antique, natural, and traditional furniture, so it gives a different impression and not modern, although still luxurious and classy.

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