Bunk Bed For Kids

Bunk bed for kids is made from laminate wood with a size and design that can be customized to your order. Finishing white duco.

For a natural impression, we also provide solid wood like sungkai and teak wood.

For the light natural color, you can choose sungkai wood. But if you like natural brown colour you can choose teak wood.

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BALI BEST BUY FURNITURE is ready to serve you also with one of the products for children’s bedrooms, namely BUNK BED FOR KIDS.

We are ready to help realize all your designs and requests for a Bunk bed for kids.

You have the creation and design and we will make it happen for the best results.

We are also ready to help in the design of making bunk beds for kids with a size that is certainly adjusted to the size of your child’s bedroom.

Usually, bunk beds are made using laminate rubber wood, or teak wood depending on what you want.

If you like Bunk Bed for kids with colors tailored to the décor of the room, then laminate rubber wood with duco paint is an economical solution with a cheerful impression.

But if you like the impression of natural, then we recommend also using solid wood for the highlighting of natural wood colors.

Bunk bed for kids is one of the Bali Furniture products from Bali Best Buy Furniture with customized designs.

We are ready to help to realize all furniture designs according to what you want.

You are looking for the best and we will do our best for you

For another product like this, you can see like Bunk bed with stairs.

What is the recommended age for bunk beds?

What age should kids use bunk bed

At what age should kids use bunk beds? In general, bunk bed for kids are commonly used for children aged 6 to 12 years.

In general, Bunk Beds for kids are very suitable for children over 6 years old. But this also needs to be considered the readiness and mental condition of your child.

Especially the bed in the upper position, you should pay more attention to the condition of your child. Are you ready to remember they have to go up from the stairs to the position on the bed? Not to mention at night they wake up to go to the toilet.

Notice, if they wake up immediately stand up and walk. because quite a lot of children woke up, immediately stood up, and walked. Of course, this will be dangerous if they sleep in the bunk bed position above.

As for the bottom bed, it’s still in a safe condition, because it’s the same as their previous bed.

Here are tips for those of you who are interested in Using Bunk Bed For Kids

  • It’s a good idea to choose a bunk bed that has a fence on both sides. This applies to the bed at the top.
  • Pay attention to the height of the fence must be sufficient. Usually, at least the height of the fence is at least 5 inches above the mattress.
  • Check if the mattress base has a good and strong base. Because considering that many children still use the bed for their activities.
  • It is best not to allow them to play on the bunk bed for kids, especially at the top.
  • Teach your child too, how to climb the bunk bed stairs. Especially stairs that are made simple or vertical.

For all of that, you can use a custom bunk bed to get the best design, security. You can choose according to the size, design, quality by considering the area of ​​the room used, the desired height of the bunk bed for kids.

And we as one of the companies engaged in custom furniture based in Bali, are ready to serve and help you.

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