Wooden Arm Chairs

Wooden Arm Chairs in made of Solid wood with natural finishing, the material can be teak, sungkai, or laminated rubberwood. Very often ordered, because the shape is unique and put on is also delicious. Simple and looks beautiful and luxurious too.

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Wooden Arm Chairs this is a wooden chair with handrails. The picture is still plain, not yet given a stand in the form of foam and cloth.

We have a lot of stock like this because it is a lot of demand.

Made of Solid wood with natural finishing so that the chair looks natural, elegant, and luxurious. There is also a seat that uses synthetic rattan, or ordinary foam pads.

In addition to the seat is good, also the appearance of this chair is also interesting.

Bali Best Buy has a stock of very many chairs, especially those with hands and backs like this, just finished, and given foam. The chair is indeed one of the most ordered goods, so we have a basic order so fast in providing it.

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