Open shelves cabinets

In a good house, having cabinets whether open or closed does not reduce the impression of elegant neat, and clean. This time it is a product that is already installed in the client’s home, Open shelves cabinets are made of Laminate rubberwood combined with white duco iron. Your home looks natural, and you can put your belongings there neatly.

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Wooden cabinets are very widely used, to put things so that it becomes a great time saver when you need that product again. And when it will be necessary, look for it can be easily and neatly.

Storage of goods, if properly organized, makes the house look neat and clean. The material that is often used to make open cabinets is wood. Especially laminated rubberwood, and to refine the appearance, give a clean and smooth white color, in finishing with white duco paint.

A lot of Furniture is finished with Duco paint because, in addition to protecting the wood, it also gives a glossy and elegant effect.

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