Cabinet with Plywood and Duco Finishing

Using plywood for the Furniture such as cabinet are widely used in Indonesia. As plywood is strong enough and easy to make, then finished with duco, use some elements of iron, make the Furniture look great and nice. We are making almost any kind of furniture, and we are happy to help you.

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This cabinet with open shelves and 6 drawers looks elegant and neat. It is made from plywood, one of the best materials to use in Bali Furniture. Finished with iron duco, that usually used after the Furniture is ready. have a combination with black iron, for the leg of the cabinet.

Yes, you can make this kind of cabinet here in Bali Best Buy, we already make so much Furniture with plywood, solid wood, duco finishing, combine with iron or metal…

If you can imagine the Furniture that you want, or try to search in the magazine, internet like Pinterest, show us what you want to make, and we are here to make it come true.

Whether for villas, hotels, restaurants, bars, resorts, homes, etc. We are happy to assist you.

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