The Cross Back Chair

By using solid wood, you can make a variety of Furniture, tables, chairs, cabinets, anything, solid wood makes your Furniture, not only last a long time but also looks natural, aesthetic, and even luxurious. So you can be proud of custom Furniture that is different from others.

This wooden chair combines it with duco finishing or black iron like this product, and you get an antique product that not many people have. Only a person who appreciates quality will fill his residence with valuables such as this Furniture.

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The longer I write so many products about Bali Furniture the more amazed I am, there are so many Furniture models. Even reviews of wooden chair furniture products, you can combine one material with another and produce a new chair that is truly unique.

The process of crossing not only occurs in animals or plants but also can be applied in making Furniture like this chair.

This wooden chair is made of solid wood that looks solid and thick, then combined with black iron to form a cross-shaped backrest.

With black iron formed in such a way, coupled with solid iron, then this chair looks antique, simple, elegant, and durable. People who succeed, express themselves in different ways. You can see from how they have Furniture that will fill their home. 🙂 Different Style than most people.

Apart from this wooden chair product, you can see our other products such as Desk and Rattan chair with teakwood

Many of our products have been used for private homes, villas, cafes, and so on. Everything is produced by our experienced team.

So when you need or are looking for Indonesian furniture manufacturers in Bali, just contact us via Whatsapp chat at the bottom of this website page.


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