Round Wall Mirror With Wooden Frame

Round wall Mirror with Wooden Frame on the left is one of the custom furniture orders from a hostel in Berawa Beach, Canggu.

Indeed, most Furniture for businesses in bali uses wood.

Made of laminate rubber wood with natural finishing so that even though the era is modern, the natural elements are environmentally friendly, and still maintained. And we are ready to help you with all the furniture made of wood. 🙂

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Round wall Mirror with Wooden Frame belongs to a hostel in Berawa Beach, Canggu bali. This wooden mirror is placed above the sink so that people can mirror there.

Using wooden frames, so that the natural feel is maintained because in bali most Furniture still uses natural materials, such as wood, rattan, and bamboo. That’s what makes many people happy to come to bali, because they find peace, return to nature, and their original identity. Despite the bustle of the big city, relieve fatigue.

Made of laminate rubber wood with natural finishing then this mirror becomes its own attraction, blending with Furniture around it… making this hostel artful, comfortable, and modern-looking traditional.

There are many Furniture that can be made using laminate rubber wood because the material is quite durable, the color and fiber look natural and the finish is also simple, using natural colors. This type of wood is increasingly in demand because, in addition to being strong and good, it is also affordable when compared to teakwood.

There are many custom Furniture that has been installed in this hostel including Wooden Billboards, Wood Locker Cabinets, etc. So if you want to make custom Furniture for your business in bali, lombok, and surrounding areas, Bali Best Buy is ready to make it happen for you. 🙂

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