Wooden Open Shelves

Wooden Open Shelves Made of teak wood in natural finishing, Project at Vinaka Villa-Canggu, where we make some custom Furniture there, one of them is: Floating vanity cabinet. Almost all the contents of the villa, are made of wood we can make it. Discuss your needs with us.

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Wooden Open Shelves are open shelves, usually consisting of several boards glued to a wall or wall. Its function can be as a bookcase or other long items. Because it puts an extension item or book, it is deliberately made open. If it is closed, Of course, the name will be close shelves. 🙂

Made of teak wood in natural finishing. Making these simple shelves still look classy and high art, because the wood material used is made of wood with good fiber and also finished with a very classy natural.

Project at Vinaka Villa-Canggu. As in the picture, they also installed Floating vanity cabinets and other Furniture. Many villas have Furniture in it that we fill it. Even making a villa from scratch we can also do. In addition to Villas, Bali Best Buy also works on many custom Furniture orders from hotels, bars, private homes, resorts and many other businesses.

Wooden Open Shelves can be used to put anything, and the tightness or height can be adjusted, so that any item, can be placed there. Almost every home needs open shelves like this. Wood is used as a sweetener for room and aesthetics because most villas in Bali always have Bali Furniture made from natural materials.

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