Mirror Wood Frame and Wooden Vanity Cabinet

Everything wooden will be cool and elegant for your home. In this picture, you can see how the bathroom can be everything wooden. The mirror frame, till the vanity cabinet, is made from solid wood. This will make the feeling of living in villas and holiday every day. what a life :). Welcome to the most beautiful Island. 🙂

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For your bathroom, you will need a mirror with a wood frame… so the bathroom will look natural and aesthetic. Add it with a vanity cabinet that is also made from solid wood. Yes, your bathroom can be all wooden or a combination of them.

Balinese villas and resorts are full of wooden furniture and accessories. This gives natural feeling and look, so you feel like holiday everyday, enjoy your day with energy from the earth, and we made so many Bali Furniture for the villa, homes, and resorts that want to adopt Balinese culture and traditional living. 🙂 Visit Us and make some for yourself. 🙂

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