Oval Coffee Table And Sofa

The sofa is made of very soft and very thick material, so sitting there all day does not make you sore. 🙂

With shades and colors that are close to natural, really elegant. They must have thought about the best design they will take. And we’re here to make it happen. Let’s do it!

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This Oval Coffee Table and Sofa is another project of one of the famous Villas in Ubud. Almost all of his Furniture uses what is made in Bali Best Buy.

whitewash finishing remains the mainstay and choice of all ordered Furniture. It uses solid wood, so it is uniform, so this Villa looks really natural, a bit old-fashioned even rustic.

coffee table oval with the fourth legs use the same wood, then the bottom of the table is also the same. Shows a suitable table to relax, enjoy a meal, or a villa meal. In rural Ubud, cool huh?

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