Open Shelves Cabinet With Whitewash Finishing

This Open shelves cabinet is an advanced order from one of the famous villas in Ubud. A lot of furniture in this villa is made from Bali Best Buy.

This illustrates how our classy clients entrust their Furniture to us. Open shelves cabinets are very widely used in villas or resorts, giving a natural effect, and almost all Furniture made from this Villa in Bali Best Buy is made of solid wood, with whitewash finishing.

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Open shelves cabinets like this have recently more and more popular. One of the reasons is, that it is easier to put things in it without having to open the lid.

With a high and large shape, from top to bottom the parts can be put to good use. For example, at the very bottom, you can put slippers, then in the middle for clothes hangers, the top can put other personal items including books, hats, etc.

Searching for items without having to open the lid speeds up your activities, and cleaning them is also easier if used long-term.

Solid wood with whitewash finishing really looks unfinished in the paint, or the paint is wet, but this is an elegant finish and describes living in Bali that blends with nature giving the impression of elegance and luxury.

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