Dining Chairs And Table With Whitewash Finishing

This Dining chair & table is made of solid wood with whitewash finishing that combines the effect of “old-fashioned” with modern which can be gathered by putting a beautiful painting, or other furniture in the room with dark or light colors.

The finishing whitewash Model also makes the wood grain clear, so the room becomes more “friendly” and looks elegant.

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This is also one of the projects, from one of the famous villas in Ubud. One of the most beautiful villages in the world.

Almost all of their Furniture was made with Bali Best Buy, including the Dining Chairs and Table with Whitewash Finishing.

Whitewash finishing will give the effect of “old-fashioned” on the Furniture, but the combination of colors that contrast with other Furniture, will give an interesting modern feel.

finishing whitewash also gives a light feel to the room. It only takes a little sunlight to make the room bright.

whitewash finishing also makes the wood grain lookout, so it really looks unique and natural.

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