Wooden Bed massage

Massage beds have a variety of models, colors, materials, and shapes. Some are hollow to put the head or face down, and some are just like a bed, with a synthetic mattress. There is a fine finishing duco, some look like natural wood fibers. We can make a variety of Furniture from wood to your liking.

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A Bed Massage like this is made of quality solid wood so it looks luxurious and comfortable. There is a drawer for placing massage tools. In addition to massage, it can be for facials such as in the salon.

With the mat made of comfortable artificial leather, and easy to clean, you will easily fall asleep there. Sweat or spillage of hair paint or dye can be cleaned easily by using a damp cloth.

With solid wood material, it looks natural and very suitable for spa or massage therapy in a hotel or villa where relaxation is something very “meaningful”:)

Don’t hesitate to contact us, consult custom Furniture that you want, like this: Wardrobe Teakwood With Black Metal

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