Kitchen Cabinets Green With Solid Wood

The green kitchen makes your dining room more natural because Green is the color associated with trees and plants.

In Bali, so many areas are very green, like ubud, nusa dua, singaraja, bedugul, tabanan and many more.

To get Furniture with green color like this we use solid wood with Duco finishing. In addition to natural, Duco finishing gives a luxurious and glossy effect. Although it can also be made matte, depending on your need. Consult your wishes with us at Bali Best Buy 🙂

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Green is a color we associate most with nature and, if used correctly, it can be an ideal shade to breathe life into a kitchen design

The green kitchen is the name for the dining room with mostly green Furniture like in this picture.

It is made from solid wood with green Duco finishing.

Duco paint is a paint that has a high level of density, excellent water resistance, and durability to make the house look more fresh and artistic.

A lot of Bali Furniture that we make in finishing using Duco paint. You can use HPL also, but both of them have advantages and disadvantages.

Either way, you can use our service as we can help you have a great kitchen like this. And not just green, with Duco finishing, you can choose any color that you want. 🙂 It looks splendid and luxurious. 🙂

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