Float Table with Solid Wood Combined with Black Iron

Yes, with custom Furniture you can make any kind of Furniture for your space and home. Even the float table like this. And this is not magic at all. Just a smart trick, the table is screwed to the wall. 🙂

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When people see this picture of a float table, they think that this is like David Copperfield. Yes, like magic.

But actually, that table is not really “floating”. it is screwed to the wall so it looks like “floating” and, no, this is not magic at all. 🙂

Combined with black iron, it looks like the table floats strongly but actually, the black iron is the decoration so the table looks nice and luxurious.

This Furniture is made for a villa in Bali. This kind of custom Furniture you can make in Bali Best Buy Furniture. Have a great day! See also our other product: Console Table Teakwood


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